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Scott Healthcare Consulting, Inc. assisted our 45+ anesthesia provider practice during a 12-month contract negotiation that involved an acquisition of two additional hospitals as part of a new anesthesia services agreement. Ms. Scott came highly recommended to us and she exceeded all of our expectations. She was able to use her industry experience and unique knowledge to provide our organization and the hospital administration the necessary data and timely analyses to allow all parties to ultimately make a decision that resulted in a mutually beneficial anesthesia services agreement. Throughout the entire process Shena was responsive, attentive, and a consummate professional, dedicated to our long-term practice success. Despite a complex negotiation process Shena was able to rapidly respond to new requests, process and analyze various options, and provide solutions to keep the contract process moving forward. She remained calm and was able to process and articulate what steps needed to be done to provide creative solutions to the contract complexities.

Shena sacrificed personal time to ensure that urgent requests of a time-sensitive nature were given the proper attention and made herself reachable to our organization and hospital administration. The result of her hard work and dedication to our organization is an anesthesia services agreement that is reasonable and fair to both parties, and provides financial stability to our group, while allowing for hospital service line expansion and revenue growth. Our organization continues to work with Shena on practice management, financial analysis, staffing models, and additional contracts. I can, without any reservation, give her my highest recommendation. Our practice would not have the success it experiences today without her knowledge, dedication, and guidance. Scott Healthcare Consulting is a key strategic partner to our group’s long-term financial stability, allowing us to continue to focus on our primary mission of providing high quality anesthesia services.

Jason Vigue, MD
Treasurer, Valley Anesthesia, PC

Our 40+ provider practice was formed in 2006 and provides services to a busy 500+ bed Level 1 Trauma Center. Prior to my arrival in February of last year, the group did not have a formal practice administrator. At that time, the new leadership team decided to undertake a thorough review of our status and it became apparent that the practice was in a turnaround situation. We sought an expert in anesthesia practice management who could assist us with several high-level projects, particularly revenue cycle management, compliance, corporate governance, payor contracting, and hospital contract negotiations.

Shena came highly recommended to us and, as we’ve come to find out through nearly every vendor we’ve contacted as part of our efforts in the past year, her reputation in the industry is exceptional.  We were overwhelmed with the breadth and depth of Shena’s relationships with payors, software vendors, billing companies, and compliance experts.  She was immediately responsive to our request for assistance and reached out to several colleagues to initiate projects on her first visit. Her commitment to our practice was clear from the start and was further made evident when she rearranged her vacation schedule midstream on short notice to permit her to fly in for continued face-to-face negotiations with hospital administration.

Although our practice was facing enormous challenges at every turn, Shena maintained a sense of calm and deliberateness and rapidly assisted us in prioritizing a set of objectives. She is extremely professional, meticulously well-organized, patient, and articulate. Her negotiation skills are remarkable. As an example, her efforts in renegotiating our existing payors contracts resulted in improvements ranging from 8.2% to 33.3% in the first year alone, even succeeding with significant increases from payors which were initially quite reluctant to negotiate at all. The benefit to our practice in terms of increased revenue over the next three years will easily exceed seven figures.

We have been working with Shena for nearly a year and can confidently recommend her to any practice with our highest compliments. In a word, she has been magnificent. The ROI for our practice has been greater than 20-fold and she has been an invaluable resource for us as we navigate the future.

James Woomer, MSN, CRNA
Practice Administrator, Laurel Group Anesthesia

It is my honor to write this testimonial on behalf of Shena Scott, whom I have known and worked closely with for over twelve years.  A brief testimonial really doesn’t give justice to her incredible talents.  She is the most dependable and knowledgeable administrator I have ever met and worked with.  Her nearly 30 years of experience administering a medium size anesthesia practice that transformed into a highly successful large, multispecialty practice have provided her with a robust and proven background.  She was an integral part of this transformation.  She is professional, responsive, and detail oriented.  I have always been impressed with her analytical skills and her approach of presenting data with viable solutions.  Her knowledge base and communication skills make her a gifted negotiator.  She is highly respected by both physicians and hospital administrators.  In summary, I provide my absolute highest recommendation!

Corey L. Anderson, D.O.
President, Anesthesia Division, Brevard Physician Associates, PLLC

I had the pleasure of working with Shena for more than a year on a four-facility negotiation in Virginia. I was an internal consultant for the hospital, and Shena represented the anesthesia group. Throughout the engagement, I was consistently impressed with Shena’s subject matter expertise, professionalism, and responsiveness. Shena maintained her client’s best interest while ensuring the facilities had the data and analyses needed to make informed decisions. There wasn’t a day in the yearlong negotiations Shena wasn’t available via phone or email, and her extensive anesthesia knowledge base helped expedite the deal. I would highly recommend having her in your court!

Sarah H. Newell
Director, HCA Physician Services

We hired Scott Healthcare Consulting during an extremely contentious period to provide a detailed practice analysis and presentation to our hospital.  Shena’s expertise in Anesthesia operations and subsidies was invaluable in establishing insight, and perspective, that my Hospital Administrators could digest and understand.  Since her presentation, Shena’s unique knowledge and guidance has begun positive discussions between my organization and the hospital.  She helped build bridges between my Anesthesia Group and the Hospital that I could not have established on my own.  Her in-depth analysis not only looked at our current operational and fiscal situation, it also laid out various improvement plans going forward that were reasonable, and fair for both parties.  I cannot thank Shena enough, as I personally feel her involvement has built a foundation of lasting and positive change.  I consider Scott Healthcare Consulting to be a strategic partner and would recommend their services without hesitation to other Anesthesia Groups.

Ryan F. Neil MD, MBA
Vice-President, Southern Anesthesia Management