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You don’t know what you don’t know. After working with Shena to evaluate and improve all of our hospital contracts this year, my eyes have been opened wide, and I wish our practice had hired her a decade ago. Shena’s data-focused approach and unmatched knowledge of the anesthesia staffing landscape and OR workflows quickly earn respect from physicians and administrators, making each negotiation’s endpoint obvious to both parties. Our board extended Shena’s initial scope of work beyond hospital contracts, given her quick responsiveness and impressive abilities to tackle a wide range of anesthesia practice management challenges. I strongly urge you to add Shena to your team today — the ROI will be exponential.

Scott Finkelstein, MD
CMO, Oregon Anesthesiology Group

I was fortunate enough to work with Shena Scott over the course of a year, and it has been nothing short of a wonderful, positive experience. Our practice will continue to benefit from her creative problem-solving, tireless work ethic, and willingness to do whatever it takes for years to come. 

As a colleague, Shena Scott is incredibly generous with her time and expertise to work through questions and specifics of our engagement. Her approach was always incredibly thoughtful and professional – taking the time to understand everyone's perspective and knowledge. Shena understands the value that the relationships practices have with hospitals firsthand. She works well with leadership at all levels and takes a "grass-roots" approach to understand the issues. With that level of engagement, Shena took our high-level data and assisted our practice in aligning our staffing that will increase efficiency and increase our revenue! This will be a true "win-win" for our practice and the hospital. Shena was able to evaluate our provider's work hours in line with our compensation to compare to market standards with better data than we had access to! This process really showed where our practice does well as well as the opportunities for improvement. 

Our practice feels incredibly fortunate to work with Shena and Scott Healthcare Consulting, and we know who to call to further discuss our ideas! I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about my specific experience.

Jack H. Dillon
Executive Director
Anesthesia Practice Consultants, PC

Mohawk Valley Anesthesia Group, Utica, NY, is very thankful to Shena Scott and Scott Healthcare Consulting, Inc. for all the help and effort she provided during the merger of two competing anesthesia groups and subsequent successful contract negotiation with Mohawk Valley Health System. 

She did a stellar job in a short period of time. She was always available and provided not only good suggestions but also did not hesitate in pointing out the negatives.  Her expertise and experience helped us tremendously and all the partners are so thankful that we had engaged her services.  She is thorough and very professional and MVAG would highly recommend her.

S Motta MD
Mohawk Valley Anesthesia Group

It is with great pleasure that I can provide a recommendation for Shena Scott of Scott Healthcare Consulting. We are a medium-sized independent practice with over 130 providers exclusively providing anesthesia services to our Health System. We, as a group, had understood for some time that our practice had dramatically changed over the previous ten years due to the exponential growth of our community and our Health System. It wasn’t all that evident to our hospital administrators, however. As we entered contract renegotiations, it rapidly became apparent that outside expertise would be necessary to not only improve the nature of our agreement but to fully educate System administration regarding the state of the market for anesthesia providers and the complexities of delivering anesthesia care today.
Shena entered the negotiations and hit the ground running. It was evident to all parties that she possessed a depth of knowledge regarding anesthesia services that were not only unmatched in the room but likely across the industry. Shena brought perspective, market experience, and, most of all, data that would support our positions.   Her approach was collegial and respectful, which served to very quickly turn around what could have been a contentious negotiation into a highly collaborative one. As a result of the 9-month process, our Health System has a much clearer understanding of our challenges and limitations. More importantly and thanks to Shena, they also recognize the value our group brings as strategic partners to them, their providers, and our mutual patients.
I would highly recommend Shena and Scott Healthcare Consulting without reservation. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of anesthesia practice management make her an invaluable resource. As our organization moves forward, we will undoubtedly reengage Shena to help us navigate the unforeseen challenges that lay ahead. We absolutely consider her part of our team.   Thanks again, Shena.

L.D. “Jim” Voulelis, MD
President and Managing Partner, Anesthesia Associates of Boise, P.A.

When it became apparent at renewal that our group’s agreement with the health system would undergo a complete revision, Shena was the first person I called. Having known her for over a decade, I was confident Shena would be an effective expert resource for our group and the health system, and she proved to be that and more. Shena essentially became a trusted member of our administrative team throughout the month-long duration of the process. Her depth and breadth of experience in anesthesia services management and operating room operations proved invaluable in reaching a mutually satisfactory outcome. She ably and competently engaged with our group, the health system, and its advisors while leveraging her knowledge of national leading practices and benchmark data to develop a compelling case for a multi-faceted service and support agreement that will serve our group, the health system, and our patients for years to come. Our group considers Scott Healthcare Consulting to be a trusted strategic partner of our group, and I have no qualms fully and wholeheartedly endorsing Shena and her consulting practice.

James M. Lineberger, MHA, PhD, FACMPE, FACHE
Executive Director, Anesthesia Associates of Boise, P.A.

We reached out to Shena several months ago to assist our 250+ physician anesthesiology practice with facility contract and payor contract reviews, in addition to providing insights on adjusting physician compensation models. We have learned so much from her deep industry experience and she was able to quickly grasp our organization. With her finger on the pulse of anesthesia practices throughout the U.S., she has been invaluable in providing benchmark data which carries with it the credibility of her expertise and knowledge. 
Shena is wonderful to work with – responsive, practical, energetic, adaptable and all the other work style characteristics we all seek in trusted consultants. Her analysis is very data-focused, which is consistent with the way we run our business. She has quickly become a key partner in the work we are doing to ensure long-term sustainability for our physician-owned, physician-led anesthesia practice. Even after just a few months, she has already gained the respect of our internal and external stakeholders.

Ursula Luckert 
CEO, Oregon Anesthesiology Group PC 

As our hospital system has grown in size and complexity, we found our anesthesia group facing new challenges. Scott Healthcare Consulting, Inc. was immensely helpful as a part of a comprehensive self-evaluation of our practice. The resultant appraisal identified key issues to modify our practice and negotiate changes with our systems’ healthcare administration team. 

Brian Mills MD

As the CAO of a large anesthesiology and pain management practice in New York, I hired Shena in November 2019, when we began exploring diversifying into other geographic locations.

Shena…engaging, knowledgeable, responsive and professional…earned our trust quickly, and swiftly became a natural extension of our negotiating team. Her natural, but strategic, business acumen, is complemented by masterful articulateness and superb written turn of phrase.  Shena’s extensive experience as a practice administrator, negotiating contracts, and in the local market proved invaluable in our negotiations and to our outcomes.

It is a pleasure to work with someone that truly cares about the quality of the work and desires, like us, to exceed expectations. Ultimately, Shena continues to help us to optimize results and meet the changing needs of our business.  We look forward to a long-term relationship with Shena and would recommend her to others without reservation. 

Bobby Stack
Chief Administrative Officer
East River Medical Associates, PC 

Our company had the pleasure of working closely with Scott Healthcare Consulting this year and I would highly recommend Shena to anyone needing an in-depth look at their company's financials and methodology.  We appreciated her prompt responsiveness to our needs and her insight given to our particularly complicated situation.  Throughout all of our online meetings she made all of our communication effortless and always made sure she understood the intricacies of our daily work.  The proposed budget for her consultation was very accurate and we are considering using her in the future for further endeavors.

Kris Magnuson, MD
President, Southern Regional Anesthesiology Consultant, PLLC

Our independent Emergency Medicine practice had experienced rapid growth in size and service offerings over a short period of time, without a subsequent evolution in governance.  We engaged Shena Scott to help guide us in matching our governance and leadership structures to our expected future state as a large, complex multi-specialty group.  

Her experience and expertise were critical in setting our path for continued growth and success.  Her past leadership of a large physician practice gave her credibility among the physician leaders of our group.  Shena took the time to evaluate our current state, understand our future direction, and engage stakeholders within our group.  Her measured, evidence-based approach won over those reluctant to alter our current structure and created advocates for positive change throughout our corporation.

As physician practices face ever-increasing challenges in healthcare, I can highly recommend Shena to help navigate the way forward.  Her competencies in governance, leadership, contracting and stakeholder engagement are skills that any forward-thinking healthcare entity would benefit from.  We are grateful for Shena’s assistance and believe that she has brought great value to our group as we continue to evolve and grow.

John C Throop, MD, MBA, FACEP
President, Emergency Care Specialists

I entrusted Scott Healthcare Consulting, Inc. with crafting a proposal to my employer that needed to be concise, personal, professional, and written with the authority that only experience in the field brings.  Shena knew exactly how to combine these elements and added a fine demeanor that carried the proposal.  I received great praise from my employer regarding the professional character of her work and I have no doubt it contributed to my proposal ultimately being accepted.  I heartily recommend Shena and Scott Healthcare Consulting, Inc.  without hesitation.

Kevin Lodge, MD
Toledo, Ohio

Shena was instrumental in helping us work through several issues with one of our hospitals. She supplied our group and the hospital with critical information regarding staffing models, local market conditions, and compensation. She also provided key metrics that assisted us in understanding operating room efficiency and its impact on our anesthesia practice. Shena was very timely in completing the project and availed herself to discuss concerns.  Her expertise and experience have been invaluable to our company.

Bobby Patrick
Chief Executive Officer, Southern Anesthesia Management

I have known Shena for almost 30 years as a high-performing anesthesia executive, association leader, creative change agent, tenacious negotiator, and trusted collaborator.  She has a track record as an influential, knowledgeable leader in the field who can work with disparate groups and individuals to make innovative changes.  Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent as are her problem-solving abilities.  Shena is well-known across the country for her knowledge, leadership, and business expertise, but her greatest strengths are found in her character: integrity, fairness, open-mindedness, and perseverance. We have written articles, conducted surveys, made presentations, collaborated to try and solve all the health-care problems of the world, and been great friends for almost three decades.  I trust her counsel both professionally and personally without exception.

Genie G. Blough, MBA, FACMPE
Principal, G Blough Associates, LLC

I have been a private practice anesthesiologist for over 30 years.  During the 14 years I served as president of our group, I was fortunate to have Ms. Scott as the group's Executive Administrator.  We faced many challenges over the years including redesigning our compensation system, fending off a proposed company model, negotiating multiple exclusive contracts (including various forms of stipends) with our hospital system, responding to RFPs and successfully competing to provide services at "outside" facilities.  Ms. Scott was instrumental in negotiating managed care contracts that consistently outperformed regional and national averages and in overseeing our high performing “lean and mean billing machine.”  In addition, she helped our physician group overcome a myriad of internal staffing and governance challenges to keep our members focused on providing high quality anesthesia services.  To remain viable in today’s market, in 2013 we combined with radiology and emergency medicine to form a single corporate entity with more than 75 physicians and over 100 mid-level providers.  It is no exaggeration to say that Ms. Scott was the chief architect of this incredibly complex year-long endeavor.  We are now beginning our 7th year as a multispecialty group and have exceeded all expectations of success.   Ms. Scott's decision to transition from the day to day management of our corporation was a great loss but we feel fortunate to be able to access her consulting services for some of our more complex issues.

Matthew W. Jacobson, MD
Past President, Brevard Anesthesia Services, PA and Anesthesia Division, Brevard Physician Associates, PLLC

I had the pleasure of working with Shena for over 20 years in my capacity as the CEO of a provider sponsored health plan.  I met Shena when my health plan was negotiating with the anesthesia group she managed.  Shena was the most formidable provider negotiator I dealt with.  She was consistently well prepared, data driven, logical and tenacious.  Although always a clear advocate for the interests of her group, Shena was consistently fair and interested in a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.  Shena is extremely knowledgeable with regards to the complexities surrounding anesthesia reimbursement and she was generous with her time and expertise when we worked together.  I can attest from personal experience that Shena will drive a hard bargain for her physicians while forging a collaborative and lasting relationship with the payer.

Margaret Haney