Explore Shena Scott's Capabilities

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Human Resources:

  • Recruitment and Retention – People are your best investment.  We can help you design appropriate packages to hire, onboard, and incentivize performance (physicians, advanced practitioners, office staff).
  • Benefits and Insurance Analysis — From the myriad of benefit options out there, we can help you sift through to determine what type of benefits package you need to attract and retain physicians and/or employees.  We can help you negotiate pricing with your broker and /or vendor.
  • Retirement Planning — We can help you understand options that are out there for retirement savings and right-size your offerings for physicians and staff.  We can help you select a vendor to work with you and your plan(s) and/or evaluate the vendor(s) and plan(s) you currently have.
  • Compensation Plans — Compensation plans are often your best incentive tool.  We can help you develop systems (for both physicians and advanced level practitioners) that reward desired behaviors and direct people towards organizational goals.
  • Flexible Scheduling Systems – A happy work force is your best asset.  We can help you develop flexible scheduling systems for physicians and/or advanced level practitioners, including “slow down” and other part-time work models, that allow people to be where they want to be on the income/lifestyle spectrum.
  • Measuring and Evaluating Job Satisfaction and Performance — People like to give and receive feedback.  We can help you obtain input about how to improve employee job satisfaction, as well as develop evaluation systems that allow you to provide feedback to employees and peers about how they can better meet company goals.
  • Policy and Procedure Development – People cannot follow rules that they do not know exist.  We can help you develop policies, procedures and codes of conduct to ensure that everyone understands the rules and you are putting your best organizational foot forward.

Finance and Operations:

  • Managed Care Contracting — We can assist with gathering data to evaluate your managed care contracts, as well as with managed care contract negotiations.
  • Revenue Cycle Management and Evaluation—In most physician practices, cash collections are key.  Reviewing and evaluating billing and collection processes and results is critical to ensuring financial success.  We can help you evaluate these processes and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Financial Optimization – Along with ensuring optimal cash collections, understanding and measuring key financial metrics to predict how revenue and costs are changing is a key oversight role for physician owners.  We can help you understand and fine tune these metrics to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the financial health of your practice.
  • Staffing Optimization — Staffing is a key component of cost.  We can help you understand how many and what type of staff you need, as well as how to utilize them most effectively. 
  • OR Utilization, Efficiency and Cost Implication Analysis – Anesthesia staffing and OR efficiency are aligned.  We can help you analyze the efficiency of your ORs, as well as help you work with your facilities to develop incentive programs to optimize productivity for all.
  • Stipend Negotiation – Sometimes facilities choose to work inefficiently in order to attract business, which is understandable but many anesthesia groups cannot absorb this cost.  We can help you demonstrate the delta between the cost associated with the level of services required and the revenue generated from billing and collection for those services.
  • New Service Line/Venture Analysis – Perhaps a new service line or venture will be part of developing a strategy.  We can help you evaluate potential options to determine the “right fit” for your practice.
  • Overall Operational Assessment – Perhaps you need some or all of these services, or you don’t know what you need.  We can come in and do an overall operational assessment to help you determine where you need to focus your time, money and energy to get you the most “bang for your buck” in improving your practice.

Leadership and Governance:

  • Governance Structure— Successful groups have transparent governance structures and selfless leaders who put the interests of the group first.  They offer ways for physicians to become engaged at different levels to ensure a sense of ownership and pride.  We can help you analyze and optimize your governance structure, identify and develop physician leaders, and help you build upon your culture of success by facilitating effective meetings and communication among physician owners.
  • Proactively Managing Burnout and Disruptive Behavior – Burnout effects more than half of physicians in this country.  Burned out physicians tend to disengage, which can ultimately lead to destructive and/or disruptive behavior.  More and more, people are seeing this as an organizational problem, not just an individual one.  We can help you analyze your organizational culture and structure and help develop ways to support your physicians and employees to proactively prevent burnout.
  • Strategic Planning and Analysis – Does your group have a three-year plan?  A five-year plan?  If not, we can help you sort through your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to develop a vision and a plan for your future.

Measuring and Reporting Quality and Satisfaction:

  • Measuring, Reporting and Improving Quality — Improving quality, reporting and benchmarking it is becoming a way of life.  We can help you understand quality reporting requirements, develop streamlined methods for reporting quality and establish a program to improve quality outcomes.
  • Patient, Surgeon and Key Stakeholder Satisfaction —Patient satisfaction is increasingly important, to hospitals and physician practices.  We can help with methods to measure and improve these metrics.

Other Services:

Software and Vendor Selection – We can help you review and evaluate options in the selection of practice management and accounting systems, as well as billing and other vendors to support your practice.

Interim Management Services – Do you need someone to come in and fill the managerial shoes for a week or a month while you look for a permanent solution for your administrative needs?  We can help with that as well.